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UTV Bindass, has always been the voice of young India and with ‘I AM Anna’ – a music video that is a tribute to a new age anti corruption movement, the intentions of which everyone in the country believes in, Bindass continues the promise of being a fun, frank and fearless youth brand. The feisty track represents the cause that Anna stood for and how the youth of the country has come all out with

ts support for the same.

Everyone and anyone can become Anna and claim their right, the right to live corruption free. We celebrate Anna’s cause and as a tribute to the youth icon the track will be played on UTV Bindass all this week…be Bindass and join in.

This track performed by MICROPHON3 aka TanmayBahulekar a 26 year old writer/rapper from the city of Mumbai, who has been writing for around 15 years and recently started performing locally. In I am Anna, he describes the plight of the common man and the constant fight against corruption which is unavoidable in the current state of affairs.

Catch I AM ANNA only on UTV Bindass

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