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FIR Ceramic Bio Ball

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"Ceramic bio ball removes and absorbs all dissolved solids. It helps to restore the ph value for good drinking colorless and tasteless water. It deodorizes and purifies drinking water, has no side effects and is safe for human consumption. washing method :bio ball must be washed and cleaned thoroughly with running water after use and left to dry under sunshine. Product Name: Bio Ceramic Ball Bio Ceramic Ball details : The energy can improve the water PH, it is the physical reaction, not a chemical reaction. Potential negative is produced by the weak ionization from the link between function material Mg and water. Negative ion could make some weak radiation, because its raw material is negative ion powder which is semiconductor materials. The ceramic ball`s advantage are on the below: The ceramic ball’s largest advantage is can permanently produce the weak current of 0.06mA, it is similar to the nerves of the current, to smooth blood circulation. (1)Production negative ion Negative ion, also known as the air vitamin. It can help to regulate the human body ion balance, make physical and metal relaxation, activated the cell, improve the natural cure rate and so on. Mean while control the oxidation of the body or aging. In this modern environment, many factor can produce the positive ion, the body often feel tension. So negative ions are essential to modern material, furthermore, also has deodorant effect. (2)Reducing the beam of water molecules Water molecules (H2O) does not exist alone, its elements will be combined to form a molecular beam. The smaller water in the molecular beam can remove chlorine or impurities. It taste good, also can improve the penetration of the body. (3)Radiating far infrared ( 4-14 micron wave length infrared ) Far infrared can penetrate the deeper parts of the body, the warmth of cells and promote blood circulation, smooth the metabolism. Far infrared tourmaline force fired nearly 100%, it is higher than that of other minerals. (4)Containing the effectively minerals Ceramic have variety of natural minerals, many of which are as the same as the necessary minerals of body. With the current weak, it is very easy to absorb minerals, is an excellent source of minerals. We can better understand the effects of Far Infrared Rays and through research have discovered Bio-Ceramics which can be used in the manufacture of various health product. Ceramics is a raw material which is capable of emitting Far Infrared Rays. Under specific conditions, influence of the human body temperature and due to its unique molecule structure, it continuously emits far infrared rays of a specific range of wave length which is the type required by the body to activate the various biological functions of the human body. - Far Infrared radiation Increase the taste of food - Evolution of inorganic minerals - Get high potency of Far Infrared rays in room temperature - Natural cure ability against various kinds of disease by Far infrared rays to be helpful for our body - promotion of the circulation of blood - Elimination of poisonous materials in heavy metal - Elimination of bad smell of food - keep foods fresh ○ Application - Textile ( inner wear as like pants and socks ) - Bedclothes, wallpaper, Refrigerator, Automatic dish washer - water tank, Bath-tube, Sauna for household ○ Application Usage * Air - deodorization(VOC, smell, gaskit, formaldehyde) * Water - pH / ORP / TDS / D.O / Chlorine / H2 concentration / Ca, Mg, ion concentration / turbidity / hardness *Energy - - aura measurement - heat furnace "
FIR Ceramic Bio Ball

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FIR Ceramic Bio Ball

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