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Testimonials(find who got helped by

Find a right place 3 months ago and able to sell approx 15 product using that.

Feedback By: Hilton

Ads posting are free and most of the part are free that really great.

Feedback By: Anita

I would like to thank you & your team for providing excellent service & support

Feedback By: Raghu

Thanks for that portal.Mostly comes in different search term in google search.

Feedback By: Saxena

After google penguin that really tough for me to promote my products in google platform.That helps too much.

Feedback By:Amrit

My freind (he is a 4 year experienced seo expert) share that site some days ago and told me that he got a site which is web2.0 based.I upload some ads and products also listed my company and rest is magic.But my question is is it web2.0.

Feedback By:Ricky

Very conservative to upload ad in a differnent site.But i spin the article and add here.It work for me.

Feedback By: Evin

The admin is too easy to upload ad and products

Feedback By: cleark

that too clear to me to get success atleast required to add 2-3 different ad posting.My first ad not able to sell not a single product but rest ad are superb in working.

Feedback By: Smita

thanks.I felt this website better than any other classified website i did not even feel other same kind of site are better than this

Feedback By: Sirisha

I would like to inform you that this site is very useful for job seekers like me. I once again thank you for the feedback.

Feedback By:A.G.Raman

Hi, Thank you very much to worldtradexpert.I am using that site for last 30 months.i sold 80% of my product and genearte leads from here.

Feedback By:Ganesh

Getting very good response from that portal.that work like a magic button.Thank you

Feedback By: Shane

Good service. Keep it up.

Feedback By: Petrik

We are very obliged and grateful towards the extreme support given by your Esteemed Organization, And we take this opportunity to thank each and everyone involved in making your Organization aware to the public. Wish you all the very best in the near future.Hope that ste will be more bigger in future.I like most of the classified ad part of that.

Feedback By: STEVE

I am very much glad to say that i have Received very good responses for my ads and very much thankful to wordtradexpert.

Feedback By:Regalen

I am Delighted to find an enormous respond from you. There is no word to show gratitude at your services. I wish for a vast triumph. Thank you again....

Feedback By:khan

I am a regular user of WTE's clssified ad.Some days ago i post some of the products in product gallery of that portal.That help to sell me 16 products in one day.Clearly understood that other section are more powerful.So from that day i uploaded on avg 18 products of mine.

Feedback By:Rahul

this month i able to clear my target in sale by uploading a product.I got 12 calls from the different client.

Feedback By: Rahul

I am impressed with your website and would love to use your services to the max.

Feedback By: Arman

Hi myself is Milind, Really Thankful to you and your team for helping me and guiding me to find a job and many job seekers like me.

Feedback By:Milind

Beside clickindia i have upload my ad in that portal.I also able to sell my lot of products.

Feedback By:Kamal

i am very happy with your freeservices...

Feedback By: Zaheer

Thank you very much for the support, you are giving in promoting my study circle. Your services through are priceless. They are helping the students in getting the right information apart from giving business support.

Feedback By:Kishore

We really appreciate Your support thanks.

Feedback By:Angel

Thanks for your quick sale of my product. We appreciate the services being provided by you...

Feedback By:Manoj

Thanks for your quick response. We appreciate the services being provided by you...

Feedback By: Edu

Your site is wonderful..

Feedback By:Ankur

Appreciate your speedy response in this matter .

Feedback By:RAYMOND

very fast to load that site.

Feedback By:Justin

I got the reference of that site from a blog and found that really a good one.

Feedback By: Shane

Some tricks is there which i follow and got a huge success.Share my add and added product pages in world tradexpert in lot of social sharing site and also share it with my freinds.Moreover i create some backlinks from different high pr page and got success.Now in every month approximately i am getting 3 to 4 lead with out any works since 3 months.Hope that will give me more lead for my business.Not a bad deal.Only few hours required which give me lot of benifit

Feedback By:Not interested to published

Where other are expert in elling old product,that site is the guru to sell the new products

Feedback By:Manika

tradexpert is really helpful if you have business or service and want to promote it.Not good for them who donot have any business or work as stand alone.

Feedback By:Jiten

I uploaded my product today and also listed it in here but till now not got any call.Sorry to say i am not impressed too much.Will i have to wait for long.Please guide me how can i get more lead from here.

Feedback By:Mr.Arora

I have seen in most of the case that site come with top of google ranking in lot of keyword and pages.Wish my page also pick by google and promote free by them.

Feedback By:PIyali

I like the look and feel of that site.But admin page is not too creative in look.

Feedback By:No name


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