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Liquid Filling Machine

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Company Address: Longhu Town,Xinzheng,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China

About Zeno Filling Machine Co Ltd : Zeno filling machine https://www.zenofilling.com owns sets of production packaging machinery for pharmaceutical, honey, daily chemical,food, veterinary drugs, pesticides and lubricants.Meanwhile, we sell a variety of stand-alone equipment, such as powder filling machine,auger ...More

Liquid Filling Machine

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liquid filling machine

The liquid filling machine https://www.zenofilling.com/product/automatic-liquid-filling-machine is a machine that can be used to fill any kind of bottle or container with a specified and precise volume of liquid. It is an easy to use liquid filling machine that fills bottles quickly and accurately. Simply enter your desired fill volume on the touchscreen display, and the bottle filling machine will dispense this volume with an accuracy of +-0.5%. It can fill a wide variety of products, from light liquids to heavy creams and pastes. Feature is fast, with models available that can fill at rates of up to 12 liters per minute.Semi-automatic bottle filling machine provides a sanitary approach to filling your containers. The pump contacts only the exterior of the filling tube and never comes in contact with the product. As a result, your product does not contact anything but the inside of the sanitary filling tube. This eliminates the potential for cross contamination of your product. Cleanup is fast and easy, just remove the tubing from the filling machine and clean it or replace it.

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